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What I should expect when I go to court?

Category: Municipal Court
  • When you get to court, check the bulletin board for your name on the court list and have a seat in the courtroom. Should your name not appear on the list, go to the Violations Bureau window.
  • Prior to entering the courtroom, please turn off your cell phones. Cell phones are strictly prohibited in the courtroom.
  • The proceedings are sound recorded, so please remain quiet until it is your time to address the court.
  • The judge will give an opening statement explaining court procedures, defendants' rights and penalties.
  • Cases are called in the following order:
    • Pleas of not guilty with an attorney
    • Pleas of not guilty without an attorney
    • First appearance or guilty pleas
  • A case may be postponed to give you time to obtain representation by a private attorney or by the public defender (if you qualify) and prepare your defense.
  • If your case involves a dispute between you and another individual, you may be required to participate in a discussion with a mediator in an attempt to resolve your dispute without going in front of the judge.
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