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Redevelopment Projects


On September the 4th, 2007 the Borough Council unanimously adopted the revised Redevelopment Plan for the Landfill project. Titled the “Somerville Landfill & Station Area Redevelopment Plan”, this document provides the specifications and details needed by developers to evaluate the project in real terms and to make a judgment as to whether they wish to pursue the project or not.

Landfill overview
• Landfill and Station Area Draft Redevelopment Plan Introduction
• Landfill and Station Area Draft Redevelopment Plan - Presentation
• Landfill Redevelopment Plan Presentation 4-28-07
Landfill Visioning Study Presentation October 21st, 2006

 Station & Landfill Redevelopment Plan  

• Landfill environmental issues

Landfill BDA Review Presentation, March 2010


• March 11 Workshop - Stakeholder Concepts
Visioning Workshops pictures
• Estimated timeline
• March 11 Workshop Documents
• Landfill history
• Landfill model photos
• Technical advisory committee
• Landfill stakeholders committee
• Mayor's Thank You to Visioning Workshop Participants
Borough Landfill Area Extension Report
• Landfill Area Extension Study Map
Landfill update 1/7/08
Landfill Vision Plan

This Plan was the result of a two year long public process began in October of 2005 with the first of a series of public forums and workshops designed to allow residents to work with Urban Planners and Borough officials to create a vision for the ultimate redevelopment of the landfill area.

Over a period of 16 months a series of increasingly intensive workshops provided residents the opportunity to design in detail the overall uses for all portions of the redevelopment area. Factors they addressed included; cost of environmental clean-up, cost of site preparation and construction, wetlands preservation, road network, utilities infrastructure and property tax generation among a myriad of other factors, the result of these workshops was the award winning “ Station and Landfill Area Vision Plan” adopted by the Borough Council in January of 2007. This Vision Plan formed the basis for the revisions to the original redevelopment plan for the area which had been written in 1998.

In October 2007, a RFQ/P (Request for Qualifications and Proposals) was issued by the Borough to the redevelopment community.

Potential developers had a number of months to prepare and submit proposals to this request. Responses were screened by the Redevelopment Committee (using a pre-defined set of criteria) and those deemed most suitably “Qualified” invited to make public presentations of their proposals. . Responses were due at the end of January 2008.

By the due date the financial markets had deteriorated so much that no potential developer was willing to commit to such a complex, long term project.

Since that time, the Borough has undertaken the responsibility of completing the Environmental Investigation of the whole site, using grant money from the NJ DEP receiving over $4.5 million to complete these investigations.  In September of 2009 the Station & Landfill Area was designated a Brownfield Development Area (BDA) by the NJ DEP following eight months of screening by the DEP.  This important designation has allowed the Borough to proceed with its objectives of remediating the "Green Seam" portion of the site as recreational and open space, as the BDA designation allows for not only environmental investigations but the remediation of sites through  the HDSRF Grant program.

 On October 12, 2015 the Borough issued a request for Bids to remediate the section of the redevelopment Area known as the Green Seam.  this estimated $16 million project has been funded mainly through grants from the NJ DEP and NJ EDA.

Proposal are due on December 18, 2015.  The Boroughs anticipates construction of this "open Public area" to start in the spring of 2016.

 Other Important Facts Relating to this Project

The creation and development of the Vision and Redevelopment Plans was funded by grants or direct contribution by; NJ TRANSIT, New Jersey Department of Community Affairs– Office of Smart Growth, New Jersey Department of Transportation and Somerset County through it’s Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP).

Environmental investigation and testing was funded through grants for Somerset County, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, through the HDSRF grant program.

 The Borough has determined that it will seek additional grant funding to pursue the construction of some of the required infrastructure needed on the site, this includes the construction of major connector roads and the Green Seam.

New Jersey TRANSIT in 2010 completed extensive reconstruction of the Somerville Railway station at a cost of approximately $16 million. 

The Economics

Based on preliminary calculations the project when complete will generate an estimated;
• $9 million in tax revenues,
• Generate 460 new jobs,
• Generate a (post tax) payroll of $20.6 million,
• Generate $88.7 million in annual personal expenditures. (Refer to Vision Plan pages 33& 34).

During construction this project can be expected to create directly or indirectly up to;
• 2,500 jobs,
• Generate $140 million in payroll,
• Generate $113 million in personal expenditures. (Refer to Vision Plan page 34).

You can direct questions relating to this project through the Borough web-site or directly to Redev@somervillenj.org by phone a message can be left at 908-725-2300 extension 1905.

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