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Somerville Police Department


Want to purchase a copy of your Accident Report online? We have them online starting from May 1, 2010. Click here .
You may also still pick up a copy at Somerville Police Headquarters in our Records Bureau.

 Directly below is a link to our website.

Somerville Police Department 
The Somerville Police Department consists of 32 sworn police officers, 1 full time and 1 part time civilian employee.

Some of the services that the Somerville Police Department offers include:

  • DARE prevention programs 
  • Community Policing 
  • Neighborhood Watch programs
  • Good morning senior citizen program
  • Parking meter enforcement
  • School crossing guard program

Chief of Police Dennis Manning

Have an emergency? Call 911. Need non-emergency police assistance with something? Call 908-725-0331 or email at info@somervillepd.org.