2/23/2010 - District Management Corporation Parking Lot Improvement Project Meeting


The Somerville District Management Corporation is planning a major renovation and upgrade of the four major business district parking lots to improve the visitor experience for shoppers and diners in Downtown Somerville. Construction is scheduled to begin this year and includes parking lots 1, 2, 4 & 6.

Please plan to attend an important meeting in which the plans for the project will be presented:

Parking Lot Improvement Project

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

7:00 pm

Borough Council Chambers

24 S. Bridge Street

This presentation is an excellent opportunity to hear about the details for the project and to provide valuable input. Please plan to attend and spread the word to your fellow business and property owners.

Additional information about the project is on the attached sheet. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting on March 2. If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact Cynthia Hollod, Executive Director, Somerville DMC (908-541-1600) or Kevin Sluka, Borough Administrator, (908-723-2300 x 1983)


Thomas M. Genova



Downtown Somerville Parking Lot Enhancement Project

What is planned for these parking lots?

The parking lots will be resurfaced, get new striping, have improved drainage, pay-on-foot parking kiosks instead of individual meters, Belgian block curbing, improved lighting, directional signage guiding visitors to shopping district, improved walkways for pedestrians, and landscaping.

Why is this project being done?

This has been a long-time goal of the Somerville DMC, as well as that of business and property owners, to have the parking lots be as attractive and welcoming to visitors as the downtown streetscape. This project will enable this goal to be realized.

Will there be more or less parking spaces available as a result of this project?

The final number of parking spaces will be about the same in each lot. The goal is to add the visitor enhancements listed above without reducing parking spaces.

Which parking lots will be included and what is the schedule?

The project will be done in two phases, with the first phase including parking lots 1 and 2 which are scheduled for this year. Phase two of the project will include parking lots 4 and 6.

Will a parking lot be completely closed during construction?

The importance of the parking lots to downtown businesses is understood and the project will be managed to minimize disruptions as much as feasible. Signage will direct visitors to alternate parking lots when a lot is closed.

How much will this cost and how will this be paid for?

The Somerville District Management Corporation applied and received a $600,000 0% loan in 2009 from a program administered by the State of New Jersey which will be used for the project. The remainder of the cost of the project will be paid for by municipal bonds. The final cost of the project will be determined once the project goes out to bid. The 0% loan and the bonds will be repaid for through the Special Improvement District Assessment. No increase in the assessment will be required for this project.

Who is managing this project?

The Somerville District Management Corporation and the Borough of Somerville are partnering on this project. It will be managed by the Borough of Somerville’s staff and professional resources.

How will visitors, business owners and property owners be updated about this project?

Detailed updates on the project will be posted on the Somerville District Management Corporation’s website, under the "Doing Business in Downtown Somerville" section as well as on the Borough of Somerville’s website,

Information on parking lot closures for visitors will be posted on home page section under "News".

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