6/14/2012 - 2012 Peters Brook Residential Rain Barrel Rebate Program- Earn up to $200 rebate


The NJ Water Supply Authority (NJWSA) manages the State’s potable water supply in central New Jersey. The NJWSA initiated several neighborhood-scale pilot projects in the Somerset County Regional Center towns of Bridgewater, Raritan and Somerville starting in 2010 aimed at improving water quality through innovative, low-cost, low-impact stormwater management techniques.


The NJWSA Watershed Protection Programs Division is now expanding the program into a larger pilot project covering the entire Peters Brook watershed area which encompasses large sections of these towns. The NJWSA has partnered with the Regional Center Partnership of Somerset County (RCP) to administer the Peters Brook Residential Rain Barrel Rebate Program by offering rebates of up to $200 to residents who purchase and properly install one or two rain barrels on their property.


The rebate application forms specify the criteria the rain barrels must meet in order for residents to be eligible for the rebate. RCP will administer the rebate checks to residents whose rebate applications have been approved by NJWSA based on the program’s criteria.


The pilot project began in July 2011 and will run through September 2012 and will be administered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Rebate applications are available on-line at the RCP’s website


or by visiting


Residents living within the Peters Brook Watershed who are interested in learning more about the rain barrel rebate pilot project may contact the NJWSA Watershed Protection Programs office at (908) 685-0315 ext. 234 or by contacting James Ruggieri c/o the Somerset County Planning Board at (908) 231-7021.


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