8/14/2012 - 2012 Hurricane Season Information from Somerville Office of Emergency Management


As we approach the 2012 Hurricane Season,  we take  a minute to reflect on the 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Irene.  This tropical storm caused severe damage to the Borough of Somerville.  Through the efforts of local, county and state emergency management personnel,  we were able to overcome the devastating effects of this storm.  In addition the Somerville Police, Fire, EMS, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Somerville Public Works and many others came together and worked through this critical time.


The State Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has put together a comprehensive 2012 Hurricane Survival Guide (link below).   We ask that you please take a minute to look this over and share with family and friends. 


2012 NJOEM Hurricane Survival Guide


We need you to  Stay informed,  Make a Plan,  Build a Hurricane Kit.


The Borough utilizes a  number of social media outlets during a severe weather event.  These include; Somerville E-Connect (subscription based e-mail), Borough of Somerville Website (,  Ville TV, Somerville Board of Education Honeywell instant alert system and the reverse 911 telephone system.


Working together and being prepared is important to get us through the next weather event.


I invite you to contact me at (908)725-0331  ext. 7322  or by e-mail at  with any questions regarding Somerville Emergency Management.



Michael Stitley

Emergency Management Coordinator

Borough of Somerville






2012 NJOEM Hurricane Survival Guide

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