1/7/2013 - Borough of Somerville Launches "Somerville Direct" Mobile App for Service Requests



Borough of Somerville Launches “Somerville Direct”

January 1, 2013

SOMERVILLE, NJ— Need to report a pothole, tall grass, fallen tree, graffiti or a missed garbage pickup?  The Borough of Somerville has an app for that.

The Borough has implemented the QAlert system, through which residents can use the Internet, an iPhone or Android-powered device to submit service requests to Borough departments.

QAlert will provide two new avenues of communication between the Borough and citizens- on the Borough website and from a smart phone- as well as automated routing to ensure that a request for action is quickly forwarded to the right person at the right Borough department.

QAlert enables department heads to generate a variety of reports, from issues resolved to issues outstanding to length of time outstanding to issue type, and many more.  Citizens and staff both benefit from QAlert’s knowledge base feature, and municipalities can opt to allow a citizen a citizen log-in area where citizens can view their entire service request history.

“Somerville Direct” is a new and exciting way for the citizens to interact with the Borough.   “People are communicating in a number of different ways and they can now communicate with their government using their computers, tablets and their smart phones, “said Mayor Brian Gallagher.

Technology Coordinator, Paul Allena said that “Somerville Direct” will allow residents to seamlessly integrate with the Borough’s new QAlert system, enabling them to send photos and a description of the service request.  We are excited to add QAlert to our existing QScend Technologies fully-integrated e-government software suite.

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