7/17/2013 - Free Plants available to Borough Residents from Borough Hall


The Borough of Somerville is undergoing a stair and ramp restoration project, unfortunately some beautiful  plants are not expected to make it through the construction project.  The borough has immediately made available the plants within the project zone to any property owner in Somerville Borough  While the plants are being provided on a first come first serve basis, we are requiring the following:

1)      The property owner or designee must agree to locate the plant on their property.

2)      Transportation of the plant will be the responsibility of the property owner.

3)      The borough staff will assist with the removal of the plant from the construction site.

4)      Each property owner will be limited to one large plant (two small) unless plants are left over on July 23.

5)      The plants need to be removed off site immediately.

6)      The borough reserves all rights to amend the requirements in the best interest of the borough.


Please stop in Borough Hall, Administrator’s office, identify the plant of you would like to have. 


Thank You

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