2/28/2016 - Public Informational Meeting for a Redevelopment Concept Plan for former Baker and Taylor Site. 50 Kirby Ave Wednesday, March 2, 2016 6:30pm

In 2015 a concept plan to redevelop the former Baker and Taylor site was presented to the

Planning Board. The Planning Board made a number of suggestions to the developer, Crusader

Servicing Corporation, that were aimed at helping the concept plan better conform to the

redevelopment plan and provide a better fit with the existing neighborhood.


After numerous meetings with the Borough Redevelopment Committee over the last months of

2015, those suggestions were incorporated into the concept plan. At the same time the developer

hired a traffic engineer to determine what effect the proposed development would have on traffic

in the surrounding neighborhood. The result was a plan that complied with the all the

requirements and the spirit of the redevelopment plan except for the density requirement.


At the January 27, 2016 meeting of the Planning Board the developer presented the latest version

of the concept plan and requested that the Planning Board recommend to the Mayor and Borough

Council an increase in permitted density from 16 units per acre to 22 units per acre.


After extensive discussion the Planning Board voted to recommend an increase to 20 units per

acre. On Tuesday February 16, 2016, the Borough Council introduced an ordinance to amend the

redevelopment plan for this site to allow a density of 20 units per acre.


Although public notice is not required for a concept plan review, the Planning Board wanted the

neighbors to be aware of and to participate in the discussion at the January 27 meeting and asked

the developer provide public and individual notice to the neighbors. During the ordinance

introduction on February 16, it was felt that the whole neighborhood should be advised of the



The Council has asked Crusader to work with the Planning Board and hold a public

informational meeting before the amendment is presented for adoption on March 7, 2016 and to

address any questions relating to this project.


You are invited to attend this informational meeting, which will be held on Wednesday March 2

at 6:30 PM at the Borough Council Chambers


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