Restricted traffic on Holly Glen Road and 4th Street for groundwater testing

Posted on March 23, 2024

Map showing restricted parking and traffic areas for groundwater testing, on Holly Glen Road and 4th Street

The Borough of Somerville has contracted with Geosyntec Consultant Inc. to perform environmental investigation activities at the Former Somerville Landfill Site (the “Site”), located between US-206 and Station Road in Somerville. Starting on April 10, portions of Holly Glen Road and 4th Street will be obstructed and parking availability limited, as Geosyntec drills sampling wells and extracts water samples.

The New Jersey Department of Environment Protection (NJDEP) requires these additional investigation activities to assess groundwater flow and potential contamination in this area.

About the work and traffic disruptions

To evaluate groundwater quality, contractors will install permanent monitoring wells to the east and southeast of the Site.

  • Holly Glen Road and 4th Street may be partially obstructed during the work
  • At least 1 lane of traffic will remain open
  • The map above shows the areas (in pink) where traffic may be affected while activities are ongoing
  • This investigatory work has been approved by NJDEP and will be overseen by the NJ Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) for the Site.

Work schedule

  • Work will start on or about April 10, and will take approximately 3 days to complete
  • Work hours are from approximately 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

About the remediation project

The Borough of Somerville is responsible for conducting the investigation and remediation of the former Landfill Site, which has been ongoing for several years. Soil remediation is in progress and Geosyntec is evaluating groundwater quality east and southeast of the Site, as required by NJDEP regulations. Impacts measured at the Site are the result of former uses, fill material and materials deposited in the landfill over its life.


If you have any questions about these activities, please contact

Anita Locke, L.S.R.P.
Senior Scientist

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