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Verizon telephone service disconnect

Posted on March 24, 2017

Verizon logo

Verizon has begun abandoning their copper telephone lines in favor of their more modern fiber optics. You may have received, or will be receiving in the near future, notification from Verizon about the change along with an “FTTP Premises Access License”. It is important that you respond to their correspondence promptly in order to avoid service suspension. Suspension of your Verizon service may disconnect communication from your fire alarm system, burglar alarm system, and/or home medical equipment to your monitoring service provider.

Suspension of your fire alarm communication is a violation of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code. In order to avoid possible code enforcement action it is important to take prompt action by either coordinating the change with Verizon or by moving to cellular/wireless type fire alarm communication. To find out more information on cellular/wireless fire alarm communication you should contact your fire alarm system contractor.

Contact the Fire Marshal if you have any questions regarding this important safety matter.

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