8/25/2011 - Main Street Paving Update August 25, 2011

We have been advised the NJ DOT will return to Main Street this Thursday night August 25th to start applying the final top surface to the repaved roadway.

They believe this will take a total of two nights, meaning “weather permitting” they will return Monday night August 29th to complete the work.


This will now also include side streets entering Main Street between South Doughty and Gaston Avenue being prepared for the final surface coat.

We ask for no parking within 200 feet of Main Street to allow equipment to work.


Temporary stripping will be applied after this and when the surface has had time to cure permanent striping will be applied.


Once again all work will commence at 11:00 PM and finish at 9:00 AM the following morning.


No Parking rules will be the same, no parking between the times of 10:00 PM August 25th until 9:00 AM Friday the 26th, and 10:00 AM Monday August 29th until 9:00 AM Tuesday the 30th.

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