Borough Hall will be closed on Friday, June 21 in observance of Juneteenth. Expect temporary road closures for the Spartan Spirit 5K on Saturday, June 22.

Prepare your pets for emergencies

It’s important to have a plan in place for your pets in case you have to evacuate your home in an emergency.

Prepare a disaster travel kit for your pet

  • Photo of your pet
  • Copies of pet license and proof of vaccinations
  • Proper size pet carrier
  • Leashes and obedience aids
  • Pet food (including special diets)
  • Motion sickness pills prescribed by your veterinarian (if needed)
  • Water in non-breakable containers
  • Special medications (with instructions)
  • Wipes, a flashlight and blankets
  • Name and location of your veterinarian

Have a safe place to bring your pets

  • Ask a dependable friend or relative if they would be willing to temporarily shelter you and your pets
  • Create a list of pet-friendly hotels
  • Keep a list of boarding kennels and know where they are located
  • Listen for public service announcements about emergency shelter for you and your pets

Emergency Pet Shelter

If the Borough opens an emergency shelter, most pets will be located in the same building with their owners, but in a separate space. The Community Animal Response Team will register your cats and dogs as they arrive at the shelter and make sure you are able to visit and attend to your pets at designated times.

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