Borough Hall will be closed on Friday, June 21 in observance of Juneteenth. Expect temporary road closures for the Spartan Spirit 5K on Saturday, June 22.

Prepare for snow

When it snows, it’s important to immediately remove all vehicles from the streets. This will help the Borough plow, salt and sand the roads quickly to keep them safe for traffic and emergency vehicles. We will start plowing the roads when there is at least 2 inches of snow on the ground.

Parking options

  • Move your car into your driveway so it is not on the road
  • If you do not have a driveway, move your car to one of the borough parking lots
  • Parking is free in all borough parking lots during a snowstorm

Parking policy enforcement

It is illegal for any vehicle to park on any Borough road, street or highway when the ground is snow covered (this includes snow, sleet, hail, ice or freezing rain).

Somerville Police may ticket (or have removed) any vehicle that remains on the street, road or highway when the ground is snow covered. This policy remains in effect until the roads are sufficiently cleared, as determined by the Public Works Manager.

Clear sidewalks and fire hydrants

All property owners (including commercial and professional) have 12 daylight hours to clear snow from sidewalks once the precipitation has ended.

Make sure fire hydrants are visible and accessible. Please clear a 3-foot radius around fire hydrants and shovel a path from the street up to the fire hydrant.

Clear curb ramps and access to crosswalks

Property owners in the downtown area should create breaks in snowbanks along the curb to allow for easier access by customers and visitors.

Corner property owners are responsible for clearing the curb ramps. If you have a designated crosswalk, you must also clear a path to the crosswalk to allow safe pedestrian access.

Snow removal on Division Street

If you own property or a business on Division Street, you are responsible for snow removal in front of your building.

  • It is prohibited to use rock salt on Division Street
  • Please use calcium chloride to melt ice
  • Remove all signage off Division Street when there is snow on the ground

Safety tips

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