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Apply for a marriage or civil union license

If you are getting married, you need to get a marriage or civil union license before the ceremony. After the ceremony you can get your marriage or civil union certificate.

Need to know

  • Costs $28
  • Appointments are required
  • Apply as soon as you have your wedding date

Before you start

Your application becomes a valid license after 72 hours (3 days) so you need to plan the appointment with that in mind. For example, if your ceremony is on a weekend, you should schedule your appointment for the Tuesday before (or earlier). There is no waiting period for remarriages or reaffirmations.

One of the applicants needs to be a Somerville resident. If both of you live out of state, you can apply if your marriage or civil union ceremony will take place in Somerville. The license will only be valid in Somerville.

You will need to bring a witness to your appointment. They must:

  • Be age 18 or older
  • Have a valid government-issued ID
  • Understand English

If anyone does not speak English, you need to bring a translator.

For a domestic partnership, both applicants need to be age 62 or older.


  1. Schedule an appointment. Call (908) 725-2300, ext. 1980 or 1982 to book your time slot. If the Vital Records office is closed and you have an immediate need, contact Mike Halperin at ext. 1958.
  2. Complete the online marriage license application.
  3. Attend your appointment. Make sure to bring:
    • Proof of identify for applicants and witnesses
    • Proof of current address
    • A witness

What's next

After your appointment, you need to wait 3-days before you can pickup your license. The license can be picked up by the bride, groom, or witness.

You'll need to make the marriage or civil union arrangements (officiant and site) before you pickup the license. If the arrangements are not made, we will not give you the license.

Getting your marriage certificate

Your officiant will file the license in the municipality where the marriage or civil union takes place. If it occurred in Somerville, request a copy of your marriage certificate. If it took place in another municipality, contact them to request your certificate.

Get help

Claudia Bayait
Registrar of Vital Statistics

(908) 725-2300
ext. 1980
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