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Renew your cat license

You need to renew your cat license every year. If you don't have a license yet, apply for a new pet license.

Need to know

  • Cost is $11 for neutered or $14 for non-neutered
  • Renew by June 30 every year
  • Late fee is $3 in July, and $1 for each month after

Before you start

If your cat's rabies vaccination expired during the previous license year, you need to provide proof of a new vaccination. Send proof of neutering and new rabies certificates to

When you renew, you'll need to enter your cat's rabies expiration date.


Pay the license fee by online check or cash. If you have late fees, include them in your payment.

What's next

We will send your cat license and tag by mail.

Get help

Claudia Bayait
Registrar and Animal Licensing Clerk

(908) 725-2300
ext. 1980
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