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Commercial cooking and canopies at public events

If you are a food vendor or are cooking at public events, follow these guidelines.

Get a fire safety permit

You need a Type 1 fire safety permit if you are:

  • A cooking vendor using an open flame or flame producing device
  • Using a tent or canopy of any size in connection with cooking or heating:
    • Food
    • Beverages
  • Using a large tent or canopy:
    • Larger then 900 square feet
    • More than 30 feet in any one direction

The permit costs $54.

You need to apply at least 10 business days before the event.

Fire extinguishers

If you are doing commercial cooking, you are required to have a class K fire extinguisher.

Cooking equipment

Your cooking equipment shall be made for commercial use. You are not allowed to use residential cooking equipment.

Propane tanks

  • Secure propane tanks to prevent them from falling over
  • Propane tanks and equipment must comply with NFPA 58/2004
  • Do not store or use them in buildings/tents
  • Keep them at least 5 feet from heat sources

Mobile canteens and cooking trailers

If your cooking operations produce grease laden vapors, you need to have a ventilation hood and fire suppression system. Your fire suppression system needs to be inspected and have a current inspection tag from an approved company.

Tents and canopies

If you are using a tent or canopy, you need to make sure it is fire retardant. It needs to have a certification or tag that shows it meets NFP 701.

If it has an occupant load of greater than 50 it needs to have:

  • At least two means of egress
  • Emergency lights and exit signs with emergency backup power, such as batteries
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