Monday, May 27: Road closures and no parking in effect at midnight. Borough Hall will be closed and garbage collection suspended on Memorial Day. The parade starts at 8:15 am!



Kevin Sluka
Borough Clerk-Administrator

(908) 725-2300
ext. 1983

The Clerk's office coordinates the work of the Council and manages the Borough's public records. We also issue permits for certain activities like towing, cannabis retail, block parties, and more.


The Borough of Somerville has combined the responsibilities of the Clerk and Administrator into one single position. The Clerk responsibilities include:

  • Prepares and publishes Borough Ordinances
  • Provides official notification of all Borough Council meetings
  • Records official minutes of all Borough Council meetings
  • Processes certain license and permits
  • Serves as the election officer for all local, school board and special elections
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