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Apply for a Cannabis Class 5 retailer license

If you want to be a cannabis retailer (Class 5), you need a license.

Need to know

  • Costs:
    • $2,000 non-refundable application fee
    • $10,000 annual registration fee (refunded if license is not approved)
  • We can only issue 2 retailer licenses in the Borough. Both licenses are currently available.
  • All sales are subject to a 2% tax

Before you start

Review the Borough's cannabis ordinance to see if your business will comply with the rules. This includes checking the zoning map to make sure you are allowed to operate in your location. You need to be in the B-5 zoning district and cannot be within 600 feet of another cannabis retailer.

Required documents

You need to provide these documents when you apply:

  • Business Registration Certification authorizing you to do business in New Jersey
  • Copy of a valid government issued ID for each person listed in the contact information section
  • Organizational or corporate governance documents, including all bylaws, operating or partnership agreements
  • Organizational chart, including the identity and ownership interest of all owners
  • Documents sufficient to prove that you or the entity is authorized to operate a cannabis related business in the stated location
  • Documents showing the security system that will be installed at the cannabis business facility
  • Documents establishing that you have the fiscal ability and means to operate a cannabis related business
  • Documents evidencing community and/or local support for your intended business
  • Nuisance mitigation plan
  • Community impact plan
  • Environmental impact plan
  • Floor plans and/or architectural renderings showing the designs for both the interior and exterior of the premises, including on-site parking plans if applicable
  • Documents sufficient to prove that your entity, or its parent company, is a party to a labor peace agreement and/or collective bargaining agreement in the cannabis industry
  • All other documents you believe will be helpful in determining whether or not to grant you a license


  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Submit the application electronically.
  3. Provide the required documents.

What's next

We will review your application and let you know if anything is missing.

Once your application is considered complete and the application fees are paid, you will need to submit:

  • Proof that you have or will have lawful possession of the proposed premises
  • Affidavit and proof of compliance with all state and local laws for affirmative action, anti-discrimination, and fair employment practices
  • Proof of financial capability

Your application will be considered by the Cannabis Class 5 Committee. If your application is accepted, we will issue a conditional municipal license, for up to 12 months, that entitles you to pursue a state permit. A license to operate will be issued after you acquire a state permit or license.

Get help

Kevin Sluka
Borough Clerk-Administrator

(908) 725-2300
ext. 1983
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