Friday, June 21: Borough Hall will be closed in observance of Juneteenth.

Emergency Management Committee


This committee is responsible for for coordinating the activities of the Borough during major disasters, in collaboration with the Office of Emergency Management.


Members serve a 1 year term, expiring December 31, 2024.

The Emergency Management Coordinator serves a 3 year term, expiring December 31, 2024.

Emergency Management Committee

  • Jason Kraska, OEM Coordinator
  • Bryan O'Neill, Deputy OEM Coordinator
  • Kevin Sluka, Deputy OEM Coordinator
  • Jim Barry, Rescue Squad Chief
  • Glen Denys, Borough Council Liaison
  • Laura Camisa, CERT Coordinator
  • Rodney Hadley, Public Works Director
  • Patty Hunt, Media Liaison
  • Brian Gallagher, Mayor
  • Dennis Manning, Police Chief
  • Dave Vallone, Sr, Fire Chief

Support team

  • Scott Skrivanek, OEM Planner
  • Robert Lynn, OEM Support Specialist
  • Pat Mannion, Shelter Coordinator
  • Frank McAleavy, Planning Support
  • Jeremy Susser, Planning/Logistics Support

Advisors and liaisons

  • CJ Cruz, RWJUH-Somerset Liaison
  • Arielle Denrich, Somerville BOE Liaison
  • Ben Macey, Somerville Civic League
  • Natalie Pineiro, DSA Liaison
  • Kevin Sluka, Borough Administrator-Admin Liaison
  • Benjamin Strong, Somerset County Health Liaison

Community Animal Response Team (CERT)

Members serve a 1 year term, expiring December 31, 2024.

  • Kevin Sluka
  • Alicia Danis
  • Arianna Macey

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

Somerville representatives to the regional team:

  • Jason Kraska, OEM Coordinator
  • Bob Lynn, Fire Marshal
  • Darrin DiPalma, Police Representative
  • Nancy Harris, PSE&G
  • Doug O'Hare, Verizon


Jason Kraska
Emergency Management Coordinator

(908) 725-0331
ext. 7322
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