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Lead service line replacement

Lead service lines were banned by Congress in 1986, but there may be some lead lines still in use. New Jersey American Water (NJAM) is planning to replace all lead and galvanized water service lines by 2031.

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Replacement process

The water provided by NJAW continues to meet state and federal water quality standards, including those set for lead. You can still use your water as you normally do.

Check your water service line

  1. Check the NJAW inventory map to see what material is listed for your property.
  2. If the customer-owned service line to your home is listed as unknown, complete this short survey. If you need help, here is a video with step-by-step instructions.
  3. If the service line is confirmed to be lead or galvanized, NJAW will replace it in accordance with the company’s replacement plan.

Water service lines

A water service line is a pipe that connects a customer’s house or building to the water main in the street.

New Jersey American Water (NJAW) owns a portion of the service line, typically from the main to the curb stop, found near the street curb or sidewalk. The property owner owns the rest of the service line (from curb stop) all the way into the house or building being served. The curb stop is an outdoor shut-off valve, this may be a water meter pit or a valve.

If the customer-owned service line is determined to be lead or galvanized steel, NJAW will work with the property owner to replace the service line at no direct cost at the time of replacement.

diagram showing how a water service line connects to a building

Legal requirements

In July 2021, the state of New Jersey enacted legislation that requires all water providers to share with customers the material of both the utility-owned and customer-owned service lines leading to their properties. Utility companies must replace utility-owned and customer-owned lead and galvanized (which is now being treated as lead according to the new state law) service lines by 2031.

New Jersey American Water

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