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Purchase bulk pickup stickers

You need to buy stickers to label bulk items for pickup.

Need to know

  • Cost is $5 per sticker (no refunds)
  • Batteries and electronics are not accepted

Before you start

Find your item on this list to see how many stickers you need to buy. Some items require more than 1 sticker.

If you have metal items, call (908) 704-7195.


  1. Visit Borough Hall to buy stickers
  2. Pay by check or with exact cash

What's next

Attach the stickers to your items. Place the items on the curb the day before your garbage collection day. You do not need to call for pickup.

If your item is a mattress or box spring, you need to wrap it fully in plastic.

Get help

Zina VanNess
Executive Assistant

(908) 725-2300
ext. 1956
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