Road improvement schedule and updates

Every year we improve roadways in Somerville. Find out what projects we're doing this year.

Timelines are subject to change. We update this information quarterly and as construction dates are confirmed. This information was last updated on November 22, 2023.

Future projects

These projects are coming up next year or are in the design process:

  • N. Auten Ave: NJ American Water replaced the water main in October. Construction will start in 2024.
  • Pocket Park (Veterans Memorial Drive West): The planning and design phase was completed in 2023. Construction will start in spring 2024.
  • Veterans Memorial Drive East: This federally-funded Safe Routes to School project is in the final design phase.

Completed projects

These projects were completed in 2023:

  • Parking lot 6: Repaving was completed in November.
  • Seville Drive, Riviera Drive, East Cadillac Drive, East Orchard Street, West Orchard Street, and Brookside Avenue: Repairs and paving operations were completed in July.
  • Southside Avenue Area: Handicap ramps, curbs and aprons were installed on 2nd and 3rd Streets.
  • Streetscape: A sidewalk was installed on South Bridge Street under the railroad overpass in May.
  • Eastern States Parkway: Repairs to the center of the roadway and intersections were completed in May.
  • Madison Street: Pavement reconstruction started in September 2022. Repairs to the center of the roadway and intersections were completed in May.
  • Central Avenue: NJ American Water milled and paved Loeser Ave to the dead end in May. This work will completed a small water main and service replacement project that started in January.

These projects were completed in 2022:

  • Eastern States Parkway: Milling and paving operations were completed in December.
  • E. Cliff Street (from Grove Street to Eastern Avenue) and Culver Street (from E. High Street to E. Cliff Street) : NJ American Water completed paving in December.
  • Lisa Terrace, Lori Drive, Lee Way and portions of Reimer Street: Roads were paved in August.
  • Brookside Avenue, East and West Orchard Streets and Riviera Drive: Water main and road repairs were completed in August, in coordination with New Jersey American Water. Paving will start in 2023.
  • Parking Lot 8: Lighting and pavement were installed in June.
  • Grant Avenue and Fairmont Avenue:┬áCurb replacement was completed in May.

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Rodney Hadley
Public Works Director

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