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Zoning permits

You often need a zoning permit before you can get a construction permit for your project. The zoning permit makes sure your project complies with development rules and standards.

Projects have different requirements, depending on the nature of the work. Before you apply, review the application forms and prepare the required materials.

We have some permit guides for common home improvement projects:

Rules and regulations

The Borough's land use and development ordinance includes the setbacks and other zoning requirements for each zone within the Borough. Use the Borough's zoning map to look up the zoning for a property and learn about zoning districts.

The Somerville Master Plan is a guide of how the Borough wants to develop and what needs to be implemented to achieve future goals.


There are several types of zoning permits:

  • Interior Modification
  • Alteration
  • Addition
  • Fence
  • Demolition
  • Driveway
  • In Ground Pool
  • Above Ground Pool
  • Hot Tub/Spa
  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Sign
  • Accessory Structure (such as a shed, detached garage, gazebo)
  • Certification of Non Conforming Use/Structure
  • Certificate of Continued Occupancy
  • Rooftop PV/Solar Panels (supplemental zoning application for solar is required)
  • Temporary Storage Container
  • Other

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Zoning Officer

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